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A place for yoga, relaxation, respite and a deeper mind body connection.


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Flow Space is a wellness hub in Dalston, designed to improve your wellbeing through yoga, learning and connection with others. We host yoga classes and meditation and therapy workshops and events. All designed to help people flourish in both body and mind. All of the practices that we offer are proven to improve your wellbeing and are easy to integrate into you life - helping you become stronger, more aware, peaceful and more productive.



Connect people through creativity


Inspire compassion in ourselves and others


Help people flourish mentally and physically through, yoga, art, meditation and therapy

​We are witnessing unprecedented levels of stress, mental health and substance abuse issues at the moment. At Flow Space, we recognise the impact of psychological well being on our professional performance and personal development. The body and the mind are connected, so emotional and mental health are equally as important as physical health for a positive lifestyle.

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You can hire the group room and the therapy room at Flow Space for your own events or classes. The rooms can be hired separately or as a joint package.

Please contact us below to view the space and for rates and availability.


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10b Bradbury st.
Dalston Culture House, Hackney
N16 8JN


Creativity – we see creativity as a beautiful and necessary process in any form of healing that will help people to unleash their own creative power. ​

Compassion – using our hearts and minds to be compassionate to ourselves and others is the vital ingredient of our values at Flow Space. Compassion gives us a sense of purpose, it sharpens our attention to suffering by connecting us to others and motivates us to be understanding, patient and kind.​

Autonomy – independent thinking and the courage of one’s convictions are crucial elements of the Flow Space ethos. Independent thought is always encouraged and respected.​

Collaboration – it's through the sharing of values that some our most powerful experiences and outcomes arise. At Flow Space we strive to bring together people in a state of mutual collaboration, sharing values from a place of respect and virtue. ​

Mastery – we believe that mastery is a peak form of human potential. We are inspired by the mastery of others and strive for it ourselves in everything we do.​

Integrity – we believe that respect and integrity come from commitment to one's values. This involves embodying and communicating our values at every opportunity.


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