Mindfulness For Life

with Barnaby Hosking and Andy Phee

An 8 week skills based meditation course

7-9pm every Tuesday



Are you distracted, stressed or anxious? Are you looking to reset your life with greater awareness, compassion and joy? Meditation could help you.




About the course

Mindfulness For Life is an 8 week, skills-based course developed by The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, which follows the same structure as the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course. It combines mindfulness meditation with CBT techniques, to support your mental wellbeing and help you flourish.


Through Mindfulness For Life, you’ll learn to manage stress and improve mental health and reduce anxiety and stress. You’ll also learn mindfulness practices and exercises that support wellbeing and flourishing to a wider audience.


We’ll lead a group of 15 participants through a program of meditation practices and techniques – tailored to offer a complete tool kit for navigating through the mental challenges we all face throughout our lives. Based on modern psychology, this course offers an in-depth, experiential and up to date application of how mindfulness can benefit our lives.






What skills will you learn?


  • A better understanding of and relationship with the workings of your mind.

  • How to recognise patterns in your mental habits and to find alternatives that are more effective in relieving mental suffering and will allow you to flourish.

  • How to recognise early warning signs of stress, anxiety and low mood and how to follow this recognition with helpful action.

  • How to put less effort into trying to ‘fix’ things with our minds, instead finding new ways of relating both to life’s joys and difficulties.

  • How to be kinder and more gentle towards yourself.

  • How to cultivate joy.



Who is this course for?


This course is open to anyone who seeks a structured, practical way to learn mindfulness. It asks more from participants than books, lectures or apps, but potentially results in significantly more change in one’s life. This is partly due to the in-person support and attention, as well as the collective energy in practicing together.


The MFL course is suitable for people who have experienced episodes of anxiety and depression and people who would like to reset their lives – to live more intentionally and to move forward in a healthy way. The course is appropriate for those completely new to mindfulness, as well as anyone who has tried mindfulness before but wants the structure of a comprehensive evidence-based course led by experienced teachers.

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Please note that Mindfulness for Life is a skills-based course rather than group therapy