The Flow Drawing Project
with Barnaby Hosking

A 2-3 hour weekly drawing session starting on Thursday 9th September

6/7 - 9pm



About the session

This weekly session aims to help people experience drawing as a form of meditation.  In a similar way that we sit together to meditate, so too do we sit and draw; engaging the hands, minds and eyes to manifest a collective energy of concentration and flow. 


Each week's session has a theme – which we’ll inform you of via email when you book your space.  We’ll also ask you to send us a song that inspires you, so we can create a playlist for the session. If you feel comfortable doing so, we’ll also ask you to bring a cherished object, or some food and drink, to draw and then share. 


This spontaneity encourages a "beginner's mind". Like thoughts, feelings or sensations arising in meditation, we learn to welcome novelty and become more open to learning and hopefully, to inspiration.  

What happens during the session

We’ll introduce the theme at the beginning of the session, and explain some of the attitudes and techniques you could employ while drawing. Although Barnaby will be drawing alongside you for most of the session, he’ll be on call for individual assistance should you need it.  


Each session begins and closes with the sound of the bell followed by a five minute mindfulness meditation to anchor ourselves to our breath and bodies. During the closing meditation, a poem may be offered by a member of the group.   


Paper and drawing equipment are included, but feel free to bring your own. 


Refreshments are included and will be available throughout the session, and there will be time for socialising after the ending bell has been rung.


For more information or for any questions please get in touch directly with Barnaby at