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Yin and cacao

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30/01/2022  - 1 to 3pm

Arm balances - level 1

06/02/2022  - 1.30 to 3.30pm

Sound Bath

06/02/2022  - 7pm to 8.15pm

Handstand workshop

06/03/2022  - 1 to 4pm

Menopause and yoga

20/02/2022  - 1 to 4pm

Workshops will be regularly scheduled on Sundays. Workshops allow you to take time out from your week and deepen your practice or simply unwind and decompress.


Some of the workshops will be totally centered around the principles of yin and restorative yoga but because they are a minimum of 2 hours, you get the chance to really immerse yourself in the breath, and the release that follows.

Other workshops will be 'skills' workshops, where, again, for a longer period of time (normally 2 hours) you will be taken through the fundamentals of a particular aspect of yoga, whether asana (posture) based or prana (breath) based. 


We will also be running workshops that specifically look at practicing with injuries, again showing you how to make adaptations to not only your yoga practice but other aspects of your physical being to help manage injuries and associated movement. 


We will also be running 'sound therapy' sessions where you can come and enjoy the amazing benefits of vibrational healing. 


Email us at for a workshop schedule.

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